Thomas oversees Sydney Retina and Sydney Institute of Vision Science, which are part of the Acurio Health Group. He has over 18 years of clinical and research experience including managing ophthalmic diseases, managing clinical staff, coordinating clinical trials and conducting large-scale epidemiological studies. 

Thomas’ clinical roles have included supervising and teaching staff, and conducting training and seminars. As an orthoptist, he has broad experience managing patients with a range of eye diseases and disorders.

With a passion for medical research, Thomas has extensive experience in coordinating clinical trials across a range of ophthalmic conditions and has been instrumental in several large epidemiological research studies. This includes managing research teams, protocol development, ethics committee proposals, budget negotiation, managing the trial process and statistical analysis.

Thomas is also widely published in medical journals, and is a regular speaker at events, as well as a student and patient educator.

His scholarships and awards include the Neville Brown Scholarship, Westmead Millennium Institute (WMI) scholarship, Asia Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) Travel Grant and Westmead Association Research Travel Grant.